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Technical Info
Sat Name  SES-5
Orbital location   5° East
Status   Geostationary
Operator   SES Sirius AB / SES WorldSkies
Satellite Manufacturer   Space Systems Loral
Launch Site   Baikonur Cosmodrome
Launch Vehicle
Bus   LS-1300
Launch date   09.07.2012
Design Life   15 years
Polarisation   C-band  : Circular
  Ku-band: Linear
Total Transponders   28 C-band (36 MHz)
  36 Ku-band: Africa: up to 24 out of 6 FSS (36 MHz), 24 BSS (33 MHz)
                    Nordic: up to 12 out of 12 FSS (36 MHz), 7 BSS (33 MHz


The information on this page is obtained from satellite operators' official websites and "Gunter's Space Page".




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