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TV Pajuçara

Country : Brazil
Language : Por
Web : Click For The Official Web

Latest Changes For This Channel

04.07.2022 TV Pajuçara ( 3820 V ) on Intelsat 34 @ 55.5° W

04.07.2022 TV Pajuçara ( 3982 V ) left Intelsat 34 @ 55.5° W

Txp No Source
Freq Pol
SR-FEC Provider Name
Channel Name
System Package Encryption Comments FootPrints
F l y S a t © Intelsat 34 @ 55.5° W F l y S a t ©
3C AlexSosa
3820 V
5000 3/4
TV Pajuçara MPEG-4/HD
IS-34 Americas Europe
TV Pajuçara MPEG-4/1seg
IS-34 Americas Europe




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